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How To Be The Most Beautiful Bride

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. Here are some great ideas on how to make sure that you would be the most beautiful bride ever.

Hire a professional make-up artist and hairstylist for your wedding day. Since make-up is usually less intense on photographs, it would be good to have your make-up a bit darker or professionally done so that you would look great on the pictures, which would hold all the memories once the special event is over. Even if you hire a great photographer, if you do not like your look in the wedding photos, you would be dissatisfied.

Second, make sure to ask your potential stylist or make-up artist to see their portfolio, their credentials, experiences and photos of previous work to make sure that he or she has the skill of a professional. Pros are usually experts in the field, which would mean that they would be delivering quality services. You could ask your relatives and friends for any good recommendations.

Try to have a make-up and hair consultation days or weeks before your wedding. That way, you would be able to know exactly how you would look on the big day and make changes, if necessary.

If you are having a hard time deciding on a look for your wedding day, you can try browsing through a couple of hair and beauty magazines to get some tips and some looks. You can then bring those in with you as you go to a consultation with your hair stylist or make-up artist.

Make sure to bring a picture of your gown to the consultation as well so that the hairstylist and the make-up artist would have a pretty clear idea of what they need to work on so that your hair and make-up would complement the gown.

Bring a camera to the consultations so that when you go home, you can study the pictures and assess what you want to be changed. You could also show them to other people to get their opinion.

Try getting a monthly facial to exfoliate and deep clean your skin. Aside from that another wedding idea would be to make sure that you have a daily skin care regimen which is suitable for your skin type.

Throughout the wedding planning, make sure that you do not allow yourself to get stressed out, as stress can affect the way you look. Try doing some exercises that can help you get rid of stress such as yoga, meditation or going out for walks.

Another tip so that you would have the look of a naturally blushing bride on your special day would be to make sure that you are eating a good diet months before the event. That way, your body would be in tip-top shape and when your body is functioning properly, would have a natural glow. Also increase your water intake to at least 8 glasses a day so that your body would be able to flush out waste and toxins, improving your physical appearance as well.

Remember to not strive to radically change the way you look on the wedding day through changing your hairstyle and make-up; they should just enhance the way you look and not change the way you look.

Another great wedding idea would be to have some people, some relatives or friends to surround you on the big day so that you can stay calm as you go through all the preparations.

On the wedding day, it would be good to bring some touch-up products such as lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss, powder, blush and oil-blotting tissues.

These are just a couple of the things that you could do to make sure that on your special day, you would have the look of the most beautiful bride you could ever be.

This article by: Rebecca

I am an Events Organiser at Chillisauce Ltd.


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