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Illuminous skin on the OUTSIDE comes from the INSIDE

Simple Secrets shared to make sure you look your best on your wedding day

If you are wondering how you are going to get that look that seems to come only in the form of a glossy covergirl/guy magazine then you need to read on:

Feeling and looking fabulous on your wedding day doesn’t have to cost you a fortune or cause you to take extreme measures to ensure your beauty is preserved and intact during the exciting (and yes, sometimes hectic) lead up to getting married. :

Just follow these simple guidelines below and you will set yourself up to be the gorgy Goddess or gallant Groom you so deserve to be when your special day arrives. :

Print this out, stick it on your bathroom mirror and follow it closely:

Drink Water DRINK DRINK DRINK and then DRINK some more. No, unfortunately this is not Champagne but good ol' H20 - WATER, AQUA. Cola, Coffee and Alcohol will dehydrate the skin so schedule your hen’s/buck’s night (yes these tips can help the grooms too!) a few weeks apart from your wedding day so you can get yourself back to a refreshed state.

If you are not a huge water fan try adding a twist of lemon or lime to your water. Upon waking, boil your kettle and squeeze your lemon or limes into a cup. Drink first thing before breakfast. This will wake up your digestion and set you up for your day. It will also keep you 'regular' and being regular IS important for good skin otherwise the body simply reabsorbs the toxins.


Chronic stress shows up on your skin so don’t let your worries wear your skin out! Stress and worry cause us to wrinkle our face without even consciously being aware that we are doing so. This long-term worry can be imprinted on our faces like a road map. A good example is to look at our previous Prime Ministers’ from when they started to when they left parliament. Most have aged dramatically. Some experts say that our leaders age about eight years for every four they serve in office.

Drink Water Stress releases certain hormones into your bloodstream. These hormones can cause inflammation, increase our cholesterol and clog our arteries. What this means ultimately, is that stress can decrease circulation and impair your health, which will show up on your face.

But don’t stress over your stress. You simply need to find ways to deal with and eliminate the stress for the sake of your skin. Some great ways to start are meditation, visualization, breathing exercises, or gentle exercise like Yoga, Tai Chi, or Qi Gong.


Proper breathing is something that most of us have forgotten about. We mouth breathe or we 'shallow breathe' from the top of our chests. Try lying down with your legs up the wall for 10-15 minutes every day and practice your breathing. Place your hand on your tummy and breathe in through the nostrils. Feel the belly rise and push against your hands on the 'in-breath' (the inhalation). Then exhale through the nostrils, the ‘out-breath’. By engaging the diaphragm correctly you will saturate your tissues and organs with fresh blood and oxygen. Having the legs up the wall will allow all that fresh blood to come back to the face and head, giving you a natural 'glow' that no creams or surgeons can offer. Plus you will remember your special day when you are old and wise as you will also be helping to combat those degenerative disorders such as Alzheimers!


I can’t express the importance of this enough. Throw out the caffeine and bring on the chamomile! You need your sleep leading up to your wedding so make sure you have support from your nearest and dearest to help tie up loose ends so you can enjoy your beauty sleep in those final days. There is a simple explanation behind the expression ‘beauty’ sleep. Your body does indeed repair itself whilst sleeping, so it’s so important not to skimp on those zzzzzzzzzzd’s.


Hot showers can inflame the skin, particularly delicate skin types. After cleansing your face and removing your cleanser, splash your face with cool water to help reduce the capillaries and settle the skin so you won’t look as ‘flushed’.

PROTECT your skin from the INSIDE with natural foods.


Fish - provides you with essential fatty acids (your Omega’s) that help treat skin disorders such as dryness/eczema/dermatitis.


Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) - are rich in Zinc which aids in skin repair and keeps your immune system in check. Zinc also aids in the over-production of sebum which can cause those unwanted skin break-outs.



Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries are all high in antioxidants which helps protect our skin against the cell damage caused by free radicals, which include smoking, pollution and sunlight. Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants.. So make supple, smooth and gorgy skin a tasty task! Add them to your cereals, mix them in some plain delicious yoghurt and replace those nasty snacks with a bowl of berries. YUM!


Crash dieting is detrimental to your skin and your health. It causes sagging, wrinkles and stretch marks. Crash diets can bring about a deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals and most of the weight loss is water, which your body and skin needs!

Repeatedly losing and regaining weight will take a toll on your skin (I am sure you have all looked at wedding photos and thought, wow, the bride looked so gaunt), so stick to the ol’ fashioned way. Good healthy eating and regular exercise.

BASIC SUPPLEMENTATION (check with your health carer)

Take a good multi B

Vitamin B helps keep your skin tone healthy. It is also a good vitamin for relieving stress, and so it may prevent some of the skin problems (like eczema and spots) that can be caused by stress. There are a number of different vitamins in the vitamin B group.

  • Vitamin B1 is an antioxidant that helps rid the body of toxins. It can also assist circulation.
  • Vitamin B2 helps keep the skin healthy. It can also help prevent acne.
  • Vitamin B3 improves circulation.
  • * Vitamin B5 helps reduce stress.
  • Vitamin B6 helps keep the immune system healthy and reduces PMT in women.
  • CoEnzyme Q10

    CoEnzyme Q10 supports the powerhouse to each cell in the body (the body’s batteries basically). By increasing the amount of CoQ10 in the body you will also increase the efficient use of oxygen.


    Zinc will support the immune and aid in skin healing/acne and blemishes.

    Vitamin E

    Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant and will assist the skin. You can even puncture a Vit E capsule and apply it to scars to reduce appearance.

    Grapeseed Extract

    Grapeseed Extract is excellent for capillary fragility.

    And remember one very important ingredient when your walk down the isle of a majestic church, stand in your rose scented garden, be swept up in the smell of sea air on a beach somewhere with sand between your toes, that…..”I've never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful.” ~Author Unknown

    This article by: Julie Salkeld

    Julie is a qualified Natropath and Yoga Teacher

    Salkeld Sanctuary

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